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Facts about Bullying

A lot of people are subjected to bullying everyday. The facts about bullying show that it affects both the young and the old.

People who are often subjected to bullying by their peers and the people around them suffer different types of illnesses due to stress.

According to the medical facts about bullying, most people who are constantly bullied suffer from intense backaches and severe headaches. Experts believe that when a person is being bullying, he or she tends to tense up his or her muscles. When the muscles contract for a prolonged period, the person suffers from severe pain. In many cases, people are subjected to bullying suffers from some blinding migraine headaches.

According to the medical facts about bullying, people who are constantly bullied develop different types of psychological problems. Most of these people develop severe anxiety, mood swings, and irritability, panic attacks, loss of self-esteem, depression and constantly harbor suicidal thoughts. The degree of the effects of bullying depends on the personality of the person who is subjected to the bullying activities.

Some people can handle bullying well but most can not. Those who could not handle bullying well often suffer much and they often withdraw from society and keep to themselves. If left unchecked, some of these people will eventually become too depressed to get out of the house and they eventually commit suicide. The sad fact about bullying is that most people do not really recognize the signs and symptoms of the effects about bullying until it is too late.

How to Help a Person Who Is Suffering from being Bullied

If you have friends or family members who are suffering from the effects of bullying, make sure that you talk to them and help them. Learn about the important facts about bullying so that you can relate to them even more, ,. Make a research on the facts about bullying in the libraries. The more you know about bullying, the better you will be able to help your friends or family members. Share what you have learned about bullying to your friends and family members so they too will be able to understand the effects of bullying better.

In the event where your friend or family member is suffering from severe effects of bullying, do not attempt to help him or her all by yourself. Convince your friend or family member to seek professional help. You should also make sure that you remove your friend or family member from the oppressive environment to prevent further damage.

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